LPDC Forms

The updated LPDC form can be found under the Local Information Tab. The LPDC committee meets on the second Thursday each month except for July. Forms need to be turned in two weeks before the meeting.

ECEA Climate Survey Press Release

“The East Cleveland Education Association wants very much to improve student academic growth and success – the stated aims of the 2015 state takeover law that led to Henry Pettiegrew’s autocratic reign in East Cleveland schools – and we welcomed the opportunity to work with the CEO to best serve our kids’ needs. Unfortunately, the CEO has shown time and again he has no interest in working cooperatively with East Cleveland’s educators and has no respect for the dedicated staff members who know this community best,” ECEA President Lillian Tolbert said. “The results of the ECEA survey make that very clear.”

OEA Wellness opportunities

Take a look at a couple of fantastic opportunities from OEA’s Wellness Committee. Next Wednesday, December 9th, we have the opportunity to join East Cleveland’s own Judge Dawson for Yoga. Then, Wednesday December 16th learn how to decorate cookies like a pro. See the flyers for details.

Unions Unite!

Kirk Middle School ECEA members presented gift certificates for lunch to OAPSE workers. Life long ECEA member Denise Cook made the presentation and Kirk ECEA members had a social distanced parade to celebrate Solidarity between the unions.



Fund for Children and Public Education

Fight for the Future of Public Education

The OEA Fund for Children and Public Education is our greatest tool for advocating for our students and schools at the statewide level.  Members across the state donate small amounts of money to the OEA Fund.  Our OEA-endorsed legislators are fighting for us while we fight for what our students deserve at home.  Pro-public education elected officials have pending legislation on school funding, reducing testing, and the repeal the school takeover law.  This directly affects us in East Cleveland.

To show solidarity in ECEA during this Crisis time, the ECEA Officers, the ECEA Executive Board and the ECEA Crisis Committee would like every member to contribute to the FCPE through the OEA online portal.  We are asking $2 a pay, which is a total of $52.00.  Many members give more than that through payroll deduction and we would encourage you to keep your amount the same either through payroll deduction or the OEA donation link.  If you want to continue with payroll deduction you will need to complete your form from your building reps.  This form is due by October 14th.  Otherwise, please use the OEA donation secure link.

EVERY member who contributes AT LEAST $52.00 for this year will receive a Solidarity T-shirt to wear on Friday’s. If you donate online you will need to show us your receipt in order to receive your shirt. Below is the design for the new shirt.

Donate online:  www.ohea.org/donate

The FCPE drive will run from October 2nd through October 13th.

We are expecting a quick turn around and we will let everyone know when the shirts are available for pick up.

We are in this together – Proudly ONE UNION!!!