• ECEA News 25.02.2020 Comments Off on ECEA Officers

    All ECEA officer positions  will become open at the end of this year. If you would like to run for the office of President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer please complete the attached form and return it to Laura McLaughlin by March 19, 2020. Elections for officers will take place on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.



  • ECEA News 11.09.2019 Comments Off on RA Declaration of Candidacy Form

    If you would like to have your name on the ballot for local delegate to the NEOEA and OEA representative assemblies please complete the form below and return it to Laura McLaughlin at Caledonia Elementary by Wednesday, September 25, 2019.

    OEA AND NEOEA candidacy form

  • ECEA News 11.09.2019 Comments Off on 2019 Eats n Beats

    We had a great time at our annual Eats n Beats. A special thank you to OEA Vice President Jeff Wensing for joining us. It’s going to be a great year for ECEA.

  • ECEA News 26.08.2019 Comments Off on New Hire Meet and Greet

    Had a great time at our new hire meet and greet. Thanks to the new ECEA members for coming out and signing up. We are happy to welcome you to the family!

  • ECEA News 17.08.2019 Comments Off on 2019 Back to School Rally

    ECEA’s make-it, take-it activity at the annual back to school rally. Students and parents got to make stress balls. We also had other goodies to pass out. Even some of our new teachers joined in the fun and sat in the dunk tank. What good sports. We love EC. Thanks to all ECEA members who helped at the event.


  • ECEA News 03.04.2019 Comments Off on April Communique

    It’s back!!!! Here is the latest copy of the ECEA’s award winning Communique. Enjoy.


    ECEA Newsletter April 2019

  • ECEA News 14.03.2019 Comments Off on ECEA Social Media

    New ECEA social media is coming soon. Check back next week for an update and new look.

  • ECEA News 14.03.2019 Comments Off on ECEA @ NEOEA Megaconference 2019

    Thanks to our members who attended NEOEA Megaconference.

    ECEA officers: Karen Winston-Carpenter, Lillian Tolbert, Kecia Sanders-Stewart, and Dawn Magnasco

    ECEA members who attended are: Marchell Josie, Truecella Lewis, Valenta Ward-Gravely, Tiffany Lovett, LaKeisha Greer, and Sonequa Reeves.

    ECEA ROCKS!!!!


  • ECEA News 10.03.2018 Comments Off on 2018-2019 Scholarship Information

    The East Cleveland Education Association established a Scholarship Fund in the early 1980s. Members of the association raise monies throughout the school year.

    Each year a committee is formed to review applications from Shaw High School students and ECEA members’ dependents who are graduating from high school. The selection process requires an application with transcripts, letters of reference and an essay writing component. Funds are awarded based on successful completion of the application process and the committee’s selection.

    This year ECEA is trying to streamline the process by having everything available online. Please see the attached flyer for details.

    ECEA Scholarship Flyer 2019


  • ECEA News 20.08.2017 Comments Off on 2018-2019 Back to School Rally

    What a great day for the students of East Cleveland and their families!!!!! We are going to have a great year! Thanks to all members who went out to support the whole East Cleveland community.




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