• ECEA News 20.04.2018 Comments Off on 2018-2019 school calendar preview

    Voting for the 2018-2019 school calendar will take place electronically. Members will have the week of April 23rd to vote. Voting will be closed at 4:00 p.m. Friday, April 27th. A link for voting will be sent to your district email. Please review the options as posted below.

    18-19 Calendar-preview

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    We would like to congratulate the following  members on their new roles as ECEA officers. Thank you all for your dedication to public education!!!!

    President – Karen Carpenter

    Vice President – Lillian Tolbert

    Secretary – Dawn Magnasco

    Treasurer – Kecia Sanders-Stewart

  • ECEA News 06.09.2017 Comments Off on New Teachers Event

    Thank you Michelle Reese and the rest the committee and officers for the awesome new teacher event. Fun was had by all especially the two new members who won gift cards from NEA Benefits. Welcome to the ECEA family! Our next event is Eats and Beats. Hope to see everyone there.





  • ECEA News 20.08.2017 Comments Off on 2017-2018 Back to School Rally

    What a great day for the students of East Cleveland and their families. We are going to have a great year! Thanks to all members who went out to support the whole East Cleveland community.


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  • ECEA News 16.05.2012 Comments Off on LPDC forms are now online!
    Local Professional Development Committee forms are now ONLINE at the ECCS website.


    You WILL be able to fill out the form online and then print a copy for the committee and print a copy for your records.  You will NOT be able to save the form to the computer or an external source.  The forms are watermarked with the color-coding system originally established.  You may print the forms on white paper.

     Please adhere to all guidelines set forth in the LPDC Policy and Procedure manual for all other directives.

     The committee meets the second Thursday of every month, except July.  Plan ahead – forms are due two weeks prior to each meeting.

     All Individual Professional Development Plans are to be approved TWO years prior to your license renewal.  All courses should be pre-approved by the committee, but all courses MUST be pre-approved for tuition reimbursement.  See ECEA contractual language.

     Adhere to the guidelines for background checks.  Check the ODE website for details.


  • ECEA News 06.04.2012 Comments Off on Letters to the Editor
    Now is the time to send letters to the editors of local newspapers.
    Here is a link to letter-writing tips:
    You can submit letters to the Plain Dealer here: http://www.cleveland.com/plaindealer/letter-to-editor/.
    Please send letters to your local weekly papers and other publications.  It’s always best to submit a letter online and to send a hard copy in the mail.
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    In some locals – the FCPE drive is happening now – we hold our campaign in the FALL — so please remember the video below in September – and consider increasing your pledge amount


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    This is the new cyber home of the East Cleveland Education Association. New information will be added regularly to help us all stay informed about the latest issues affecting public education. Please check back often.